Founded to meet the needs of the printing industry by providing high quality, specialty raw materials, Syntpaper offers custom cutting products, prompt delivery and co-created solutions with our customers.

Our company’s R&D team is constantly searching for the latest technology trends to better meet the requirements of the Brazilian market.

Our product range includes established products, such as “synthetic papers” like DuPont’s Tyvek®, nylon fabrics, polypropylene films with various treatments, Vitopaper, Teslin, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, and thermal papers, among others.

All Syntpaper’s materials are environmentally friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, pH neutral and release no harmful gases into the atmosphere when recycled.

Syntpaper Manaus

Syntpaper invested in state-of-the-art facilities for its plant located in the Manaus free trade zone, in the northern state of Amazonas, for ribbon cutting. The purpose of this unit is to provide our customers with the best value for their money and the widest possible range of imported raw materials. Our manufacturing facilities both in São Paulo and Manaus are ISO 9001 certified.

Mission, Vision and Values


To develop and trade innovative raw materials that anticipate and meet the needs of both the printing industry and end users alike.


To be the company that best meets the raw material and special substrate needs in the Brazilian printing segment.


Sustainability, transparency, ethics and competence to cater to the needs of customers, shareholders, collaborators, suppliers and the community.

ISO Certification

Syntpaper is certified by the NBR ISO 9001 Brazilian standard